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What Are Real Users Saying About

TherSCAR Scar Therapy?



There has been a lot of buzz about TheraSCAR Scar Therapy. People are excited about the benefits TheraSCAR provides them in improving of scars. While it’s impossible to cover all the reviews, take a moment to look at a few and consider the pros and cons.


“Amazing product!! I had a tummy tuck two weeks ago and I started using this product after my first week post op. Within a day I saw results on my scar. It was smaller, less red, and healing better. This stuff is amazing! I am confident that in time my scar will look better with use.” –Melissa Mclachlin


“I used this product on my patch of psoriasis and within a week it was gone.” -Rose Martin

“I thought the only way to improve my scar was with surgery or some other expensive treatment. I was wrong. If you do what the instructions say you can see the improvement you can create. Thanks Dr. Gray TheraSCAR Scar Therapy.”

“I have been using TheraSCAR for over a year now. In the first few months I saw a amazing improvement in the look and appearance of my scar and my skin. I also applied the product to my face and noticed that my skin would glow and my wrinkles are less. People were asking me what I was using. Amazing product Dr. Gray!!”

“I used TheraSCAR immediately after my surgery applying the product twice a day for the last few months. I love what it has done for me. My scar has faded and is almost invisible at this point.”

“I have only used this product for a few weeks and have noticed my scar from my Tummy Tuck is fading already. It does not dry my skin.”

“Nothing compares!” -Barbie M


“All my girlfriends and sisters used this after their breast aug’s and their incisions are beautiful! there is no redness to any of their incisions” -Havana Moore


“I used this for years after my tummy tuck procedure. my scar is invisible now.” -Kelly Monroe


“seriously the best! really this is the best and only scar cream i would ever recommend to someone!”


“After a struggle with removing pigment from my incisons at 3 months post operation this was the only scar product that really worked best.” -TUH


“If you are considering purchasing this, please make the next step into doing so. It has worked on all my old and new scars.” -Joy Yung


“I love everything this product has to offer” -Lorna Regitli


“Best product on the market!” -Tiffany Gamble


“5+ STARS!” -TATI Nowak


“I wish I knew about this product sooner.. Really, I do. It’s so amazing” -Sala R


“one bottle has lasted me almost a year now! crazy how the smallest amount is all you really need. can’t wait to use it after my breast augmentation surgery.” -Taylor M


“shipped quickly, good packaging, and easy to apply. i would recommend to anyone looking to reduce the pigmentation of their scars new and old.” -Alyssa Rodgerberg


“a life savor after my foot surgery” -THG


“received this as a christmas gift and can’t wait to continue the progression of the TheraSCAR journey!” -Wilma Jenkins