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What Are Real Users Saying About

TherSCAR Scar Therapy?



There has been a lot of buzz about TheraSCAR Scar Therapy. People are excited about the benefits TheraSCAR provides them in improving of scars. While it’s impossible to cover all the reviews, take a moment to look at a few and consider the pros and cons.


Nothing compares!

-Barbie M


All my girlfriends and sisters used this after their breast aug’s and their incisions are beautiful! there is no redness to any of their incisions

-Havana Moore


I used this for years after my tummy tuck procedure. my scar is invisible now.

-Kelly Monroe


seriously the best!

really this is the best and only scar cream i would ever recommend to someone!

After a struggle with removing pigment from my incisons at 3 months post operation this was the only scar product that really worked best.



If you are considering purchasing this, please make the next step into doing so. It has worked on all my old and new scars.

-Joy Yung


I love everything this product has to offer

-Lorna Regitli


Best product on the market!

-Tiffany Gamble



-TATI Nowak


I wish I knew about this product sooner.. Really, I do. It’s so amazing

-Sala R


one bottle has lasted me almost a year now! crazy how the smallest amount is all you really need. can’t wait to use it after my breast augmentation surgery.
-Taylor M


shipped quickly, good packaging, and easy to apply. i would recommend to anyone looking to reduce the pigmentation of their scars new and old.
-Alyssa Rodgerberg


a life savor after my foot surgery


received this as a christmas gift and can’t wait to continue the progression of the TheraSCAR journey!
-Wilma Jenkins