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What Are Real Users Saying About TherSCAR Scar Therapy?



There has been a lot of buzz about TheraSCAR Scar Therapy. People are excited about the benefits TheraSCAR provides them in improving of scars. While it’s impossible to cover all the reviews, take a moment to look at a few and consider the pros and cons.




I got my belly button pierced as teen, and received a nasty infection afterwards. I've tried other products to help reduce the red bump that was left, but nothing seemed to work. After applying Therascar for a couple days I noticed the redness was starting to fade, and the bump was nearly GONE! After years of staring at something I totally regretted - finally, this little miracle worker is making a happy difference.


I am diligent with my skincare regime, applying sun screen even in the winter and making sure to eat and drink healthy foods for good skin and hair. Getting a breast augmentation was so exciting, but I knew the scars (inframmary incision) would make me crazy! I bit the bullet and did the surgery (which I am so happy I did). I purchased Therascar after surgery and have been applying to my incisions for about 3 weeks now. My incisions aren't big so one pump seems to do the trick for both breasts. Initially, my skin felt cool and moist. After about 30 seconds the cream was dry and left no residue. My incision is also getting smaller, less red and healing really fast.


It's nice to find a medical grade product at a great price that actually works!


I learned a little goes a long way with this product.. I apply it directly to my breast lift scars while in the shower after washing my body because its so concentrated. After, I let it air dry. It literally turns into this invisible seal and I can immediately feel it working.. I've only been using TheraSCAR for 5 days now, but I thought I would share my trick because it seems to be doing the job 🙂



So my 1½ year journey with TheraSCAR is over and I wanted to give my review right away.. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants done. To someone like myself that seems like a lot of incisions. For years I put off surgery because I was nervous about having incisions. I purchased TheraSCAR on day 6 post-op and used as directed for a solid year and half. I am so happy I purchased the product because it works.... My incisions are almost gone completely, they are so faint when I tell people my surgeries I had done they almost don't believe me because the incisions are so small! Stick with it.. Follow the instructions with the product and you will have amazing results! It's so easy to apply and feels great on your skin. A+ and 5 stars for TheraSCAR


I received TheraSCAR as a stocking stuffer gift. I get the driest skin ever in the winter time, especially on my hands. It's been two days and my skin actually look and feel more youthful. That is how amazingly hydrating this product is!

Luanne Hesley

I recently had a breast augmentation done. I was looking at other products prior to my post-operative appointment. When I asked my PS which one he thought would be the best, he told me the only product he recommended was TheraSCAR. I viewed some before and after photos of his patients that have used the products and was pleased. I was also happy because the price point for the item was within my budget. It feels really good when applied and does not have any odor which is a perk. I've been using for only 6 days and my incisions are healing beautifully. The redness is going down, my incision is closing up great and there is not itchy feeling either. I really like my results so far.

Kelly Oates

I had a tummy tuck done at a young age and didn't take the best care of my incision. I went tanning too soon which darkened my incision. As I aged, I regretted not taking care of my incision properly. I picked up a bottle of TheraSCAR and have been using for about 3 weeks. I live in Florida so it's hard to stay out of the sun all the time, but I'm trying my best to really get the full benefit of TheraSCAR. So far, my incisions is not only getting lighter in pigment it also seems to be thinner. Who would've thought after all this time?! I'm a very happy customer. So far so good!

Loreal Nessau

I wanted to make sure I healed extra well so I bought the best product on the market, TheraSCAR 🙂

Lisa HH

The product is just as described. I've been using on my toddler's skin from an accidental burn. It doesn't make her skin irritated or itch. Plus, the best part is she actually lets me apply it to her arm which makes me believe it soothes her skin 🙂

Cali RR

Although I do not have any other product to compare to.. I'm honestly happy to say I would never recommend or try anything else. This product is so wonderful. Everything from the cost, to the results make me so happy. I thought nothing would help my tummy tuck incision.... TheraSCAR really worked it's magic.

Daytona E

I like TheraSCAR because it doesn't have the typical "silicone gel" residue. It doesn't stick to my clothes or have an awful smell like the other products do.

Spring L.

I was really skeptical about purchasing any scar removal cream because I had lost hope. My scar from my c-section is non existent anymore. I've never been happier.

Lady Rose

I purchased 4 bottles for myself on the website. After research, I understand a scar takes up to 2 years for itself to heal.. I figured I would give it a try.. I limit myself to one bottle for every 3 months. I'm on month 9 and the results are incredible. My scar is fading, smaller and doesn't itch. Highly recommended hands down.

Pen G

Currently on my third bottle because I am so obsessed with it!

Karaleene M

I was told by my surgeon how I take care of my incision after surgery will define how it heals. I knew I had to purchase a good scar cream.... But was really indecisive. I hunted online and found endless options, but felt most comfortable with this one. I'm so thrilled because the product is so magical. My PS even made a comment about how well I was healing which made me feel overjoyed. When I showed him TheraSCAR he even said I made a wonderful choice!


I can not illustrate how wonderful this product is unless you try for yourself! Works miracles 🙂


It's so nice to see my old scar as thin as a pen line. It's so easy to use and doesn't irritate my skin. My tummy tuck scar is now white and nearly invisible.

Fiona Nunez

It's so nice to find a medical grade product that isn't going to break my bank and actually works. This product all around is a great add-in to making you feel your best.

Ali Paul

Perfect price point and size. A little amount goes a long way! I've been using for my breast augmentation incisions and I'm very impressed.

Crissy H

This product is definitely worth your while to try. I just purchased some as stocking stuffers for holidays 🙂

Leeana R.

My skin tone is darker so my scar was darker. After applying my scar isn't as tender and it was a great absorbent. I didn't have any sticky residue on my clothes and no perfume smells.

Kori K

The ingredients in this product are ideal. I use at night after I shower and the results are amazing.


In the process of healing my curling iron burn I applied TheraSCAR to my neck and it has sped up the healing time x10 quicker.

Stacey I.

It's amazing how my c-section scar went from an ugly thick red scar to a thin little line. It is so thin I don't have to be concerned with showing off my body in a bikini or alone with my husband. Stay consistent with the scar cream and give it time. You will not be disappointed!

Jennifer T

I would like to thank avoiding the sun in my scar getting smaller and lighter, but I have to give credit where credit is due. TheraSCAR has helped with my confidence and knee replacement scar significantly. Using twice a day and for a year now the results are mind blowing. Everyday it is getting better and better. I can comfortably wear shorts and dresses without having to apply makeup, yes I said makeup, to my knee.

Mitra U

I've been using on my face for a mole removal. The area has smoothed out and the redness where it was shaved is slowly turning lighter and lighter. I will continue to use the product as I am very happy with my results so far.

Mary Benjamin

This stuff is the holy grail in scar removal!

Valencia Y

Although it states to use a minimum of 6 months, I have been using for 3 days and have already noticed reduction in my c-section scar. Super happy.

TJ Ellis

Been using TheraSCAR for two years on my incisions from my lift and augmentation and the results are awesome!

Lourin N

I had to get stitches on my hand after a freak accident. The hospital gave me strips to apply, but they were difficult to apply and did not stick. After many annoying days trying to play with it. My mom gave me TheraSCAR. She used it after her tummy tuck and it worked wonders. So I figured I will try it. The biggest perk for me was the size of the bottle. I live in a big city so I'm constantly on the go with work. The bottle itself is so light weight it can fit inside a small clutch easily. A thin coat is applied and it sets in great. It's been working well on my skin. I have olive skin tone and it works beautifully.


My PS recommended this product to me after chatting about non invasive scar removal. He told me he was using it on his own skin which sold me. I've been using for about a year now and it has worked extremely well for me. I would recommend this product to anyone!


After many years of messy silicone products I gave up on treating my scar. I was doing a little research one sleepless night and found this product. So far the results are progressively getting better. I'm noticing less redness and no irritation.

Karen W

I love this product because it works, is medical grade and the price point is amazing.

Gina G

I'm in my 70's and unfortunately had a moderate to severe case of Shingles. I was convinced it was nothing at first, but I scratched at it so bad. Because I scratched so badly I was left with an ugly red patch on my forehead. I still want to feel good in my 70's, but did not want to spend a lot of money.. I went to Dr. Gray's Office and picked up a bottle of TheraSCAR. Not only is the product working it is really keeping my skin extra moisturized. I don't see flakiness anymore and the patch left over from my illness seems to almost be gone. Works great.

Shirley W.

I worked on a farm my whole life. Because I had to use my hands so much, the small scratches that I once never cared about now are bothersome since I'm getting married. I wanted my hands to be pretty to show off my ring for photos, but couldn't stand the thought of these ugly scars showing. My friend offered her TheraSCAR bottle for me to try. Within one week using TheraSCAR those small ugly scars are gone and I can confidently take my wedding photos!

Mina Sanchez

After my gastric by pass surgery I was left with horrific stretch marks from the weight loss. After the weight loss I had to get an arm tuck, tummy tuck and thigh tuck. It was really hard for me to accept the scars because it just seemed like so many. My treating doctors recommended TheraSCAR for me to use on all my incisions. I immediately fell in love with the cooling sensation it provided my incisions. I purchased two bottles at a fair price and continued to use twice a day for 1 year. I also applied to my stretch marks that were left over from my tummy tuck. After a roller coaster ride of emotions, there was light when TheraSCAR actually helped remove my scars and stretch marks. They have faded to a white color and are so much smaller than I had expected. So worth the journey and this product was the icing on the cake. <3

Claire Windelburg

Product doesn't clog your pores and has helped with my uneven skin tone as well. I figured if it could pull the redness out of my scar, why can't it pull the redness from my facial skin tone? It worked!

Emmy R.

I use this product mixed with all my skin care. I actually use TheraSCAR as a primer. I find it sets on my skin well and leaves a great finish. It's a win-win because I know the awesome ingredients are also helping with my sun spots and dog bite scar.

W. D.

A must use for anybody! My whole family uses it and loves it!


To me the biggest component in purchasing an item is efficiency. My husband ironically found this gem online and ended up buying me a case of the product. I was surprised to see he had taken time to read reviews and get insight from other girlfriends of mine who have used the product... I'm so happy he did listen, let alone purchase me a case because I so love this product dearly. It's effective, economically smart and easy to apply. My c-section scar is healing wonderfully with the help of this product and I love how it works well on my sensitive skin.

Yuliana E

I was once told your skin is a canvas and to always take care of it. Unfortunately, I picked my acne as a teen and suffer from mild acne scarring on my skin. Eeeek. TheraSCAR has successfully revamped my canvas to a beautiful portrait. Thank you!

Katiya P.

I ordered TheraSCAR for my daughters chin and got it in the mail yesterday. I was breaking out horribly (cystic acne that comes and goes with as little as water changed with what I wash my face in) I put it on my face and woke up this morning and all my cysts had gone down and are 110% less irritated! This stuff is AWESOME.


I had liposuction which left me with small puncture sites. Although they are small, and the surgery was completely worth it... The sites bother me. I love the sun, and because of this guilty pleasure - the sites started to darken. I've been using TheraSCAR on my sites for 3 weeks now, and it has really pulled the darkness out of the site. I'm very impressed.

Harlow Jung

I had really bad acne as a youngster. Accutane helped, but some of the scars on my cheeks did not completely go away. I wish I knew about TheraSCAR sooner because my scars have completely gone away!

Jamila Faye

I've been using TheraSCAR for a month and my scar is becoming much clearer and it isn't as irritated anymore. A+ work

Laurie Webster

SO wonderful

I wish I knew exactly what the secret is behind the bottle because it works magic!

Kami P.

I had chickenpox at a young age and picked at my scabs when no one was around. Even 20 years later I was left with faint scars on my forehead. I hate applying makeup and wanted an easier more effective fix. I purchased TheraSCAR and have been using for 3 months. I find myself using less concealer which is proof this product does work.



I got into a car accident and had an ugly seat belt burn near my collar bone area. Though I knew it would not scar, I had a wedding the same weekend and needed it to heal quick. My mom gave me TheraSCAR to try. I applied before bed and could not believe what I saw the next morning.. BIG DIFFERENCE! The burn had faded.. It was not as painful.. And it had decreased in size. After three days of usage my burn was gone with no scar left!

Veronica White

I went from using the product twice a day for 6 months to only once a day as maintenance... If you use the product as directed you will notice results.. I know I did 🙂

Coco F.

I love the colors for the bottle. The pink and white makes it girly which I love. The shipping was very fast, and the price point is ideal. I really like the product as well!

Cynthia Paul

Quite possibly the best scar product around!

Lina Reese

Since the product worked so well with my scars I figured I would give it a try with my stretch marks. I'm not sure if they have gotten smaller, but they are definitely less noticeable since using TheraSCAR.

E. Raines

I love how super smooth the product is when applied.. My small scars have vanished and my bigger scars (breast lift and c-section) have softened as well.

Rebecca Tuffin

There's no oily residue with this product which is great. I like that there is no smell as I am sensitive to smells. Great product.

Luciana Miliani

I scar very easily... I've been applying this product religiously and am slowly seeing better results.

Diane Osterburg

Works wonders!

Illy June

I experienced a fluke animal bite a couple years ago on my chin. Although it's small it really bothered me. My husband purchased therascar for me to try. I've been using for one week now and the hydration is so awesome!

Vincenza M.

I was so sick of using scar gels that didn't work and getting injections that were painful to help reduce the appearance of my scar. After having an hourglass tummy tuck with Doctor Gray I was recommended to purchase this product. I'm amazed how quickly the pinkness and appearance of my scar was gone down since my surgery. It's helped so much.

Angela Harrison

I've tried the silicone strips which did nothing for my scars.. TheraSCAR seems to be the only product that works!

Kim Jackson

I purchased the product online after reading the reviews. The reviews are true 🙂 Amazing product that actually works!

Theresa Borne

I purchased TheraSCAR for my mother after her thyroid surgery. Since she loved it so much I decided to give it a try. I've been using for approximately 3 weeks and am loving the results. My scar color is fading, isn't as bumpy and since my skin is sensitive - TheraSCAR doesn't irritate it either. Good purchase!

Jazzy K.

I like the product because of how quickly it absorbs into my skin. I don't have to worry about a sticky feeling when getting ready. My breast scars are looking much better after applying twice a day as well.

Courtney Hughes

I've been using for ugly stretch marks after having my twin girls. They were almost a dark purple color. They have faded to a light pink and my husband says they are looking better each day thanks to the help of TheraSCAR

Steph E.

I was using too much in the beginning (oops), which isn't bad because one bottle can last close to two months for my facial acne scars! Makes me so happy because it works and is economically friendly.

Lily Tolbert

I keloid which stinks 🙁 I purchased this product about 6 months ago and have used religiously. Since using the thick red appearance has gone done so much, and I truly believe the scar has started to flatten out too



This product really is worth every penny

Rami P

I've been using twice a day, great texture and non greasy. 5 stars.

Zoey F.

I've purchased other products from Dr. Gray's Beauti Boost line and love them. I figured I would give this a shot. So far so good! Loving the product so much!

Brooke M

I had a botched mole removal and was left with a horrible scar on my nose. After using TheraSCAR for 6 months my skin is not only softer and prettier. The scar is almost invisible!


Scars have never looked better 🙂

Kayle U.

As a male, I've had a difficult time going on dates due to my dry facial skin and forehead acne. My sister purchased TheraSCAR for me and since then my skin is no longer dry. Although my acne bumps are now mild, I'm assuming the product has helped decrease the size and pigmentation of them. Great success.


I like TheraSCAR because its texture absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue.

Juliet Boyd

I have moderate scaring on my arms from being a scab picker growing up. I purchased TheraSCAR from the office and I'm really surprised with the wonderful results I've been having. I'm pretty fair skin, so my scars are a light pink. Within one month the scars have faded a lot, and they don't seem to itch like they used too.

Tulip Montana

I basically bathe myself in this product! It's sooooo hydrating.

Lindsey B

After 3 vaginal births, 4th was a c-section. I was so depressed by the scar. Finding TheraSCAR has helped with the healing process and the size of my scar. So happy to find a product to cheer me up.


I use TheraSCAR for my ugly dark stretch marks on my outer thighs. It seems to be helping reduce the color of my stretch marks. I've been using it now for 2 months 🙂

Marie Houston

I have the itchiest skin and dry patches, for no reason! I have my entire life. TheraSCAR helps so much with preventing flakes or dry patches.

Flores Paul

This stuff is amazing! My skin never feels the same without it. I use it daily for dark spots and it works so great

Kalis A

I'm currently on my second year using TheraSCAR and I love everything about it. It's nice to find a product that works!

Molly Fuentes

I really love the ease of using the product. Only twice a day so it's easy for me to apply after a shower and before I go to sleep. Plus, it works really well too.

Kiley Brouchard

5 Star Product and 5 Star results !

Helen W.

I started using it later than I should have, but the results are much better than what I was using before. The product is amazing, and I would 100% recommend it!

Alexa Pierrard

The constant hydration is very comforting. My scars are healing very well.


I've been using TheraSCAR on my lower eye lids to help with redness. It helps soothe the irritation and the redness is getting better and better daily 🙂

Patty Cryait

Everything about Dr. Gray's product is great. Been using it for a year now and I've truthfully seen awesome results.

Libby T

I'm on a tight budget. When I have extra money to spare I like to purchase beauty products. I use Dr. Gray's Skin Care line with TheraSCAR morning and night. People guess myself to be 10 years younger than I am. Now that's a compliment!


The wonderful thing about TheraSCAR is it actually WORKS!!!

Tila Jonge

TheraSCAR has made my confidence increase and ugly scars fade beautifully <3

Gina H

My son plays hockey and had some pretty bad facial scars. I purchased it for him, and the results were amazing! So amazing I purchased a couple bottles for the parents to try for themselves or their kids. Super awesome product.

Juliana Vertue

Just had my revision tummy tuck two months ago - and have been using TheraSCAR for my surgical scar. My incisions are flat thanks to TheraSCAR and healing wonderfully!


Purchased the product on a Monday and received it on Wednesday, so that's a major perk in my book! I've been using for four days now and I'm pleased with the glowy look it gives my skin and hydrating feeling it provides.

Krista R.

I recently burned my neck with my hair straightner 🙁 I used TheraSCAR on my breast augmentation incisions so I figured I would give it a try for my neck burn.... The burn has gotten so small! There's no blistering or redness either. Super happy!

Sunny Pierce

My doctor recommended this product for me to try. I like it because the size of bottle is easy for myself to bring everywhere with me. It's been two weeks since I purchased, and so far so good!

Francisca Ferndandez

Randomly stumbled across the Therascar website after HOURS of searching for a great skin/scar cream. I've tried everything from home remedies, expensive laser treatments to other the counter products and nothing seemed to help. I've been using TheraSCAR for 3 weeks as directed. Twice a day. At first, I admit, I was using too much of the product. When I contacted the office the staff recommended applying a small amount of water to the product due to the concentration... That was an amazing tip! A half a pump mixed with a little bit of water or applied to damp skin after washing my face did the trick. The redness is being to diminish. My skin is silky smooth and my pores are actually beginning to get smaller. I'm so happy I found this product, and even happier to recommend it to anyone looking for a great skin/scar cream!

Talin Boydin

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law for this purchase my skin is clearing up and I do not have to worry about ugly acne scarring! Be consistent with product and you will be so happy.

Collette Nichols


Holly Yazmine

TheraSCAR has worked wonders on my skin since my skin cancer removal. I was so sad thinking nothing would help reduce the pigment of the incision, but TheraSCAR has helped significantly.

Matilda Y.

I've been using TheraSCAR since my surgery and scars are already starting to fade after 7 weeks.

Samantha Tesch

Works beautifully on all skin types! I'm oily and my husband is in between. We both use for minor acne scarring and have had successful results with the product. I love how soothing it feels!

Oliva J

Love the product and the hydration it provides!

Mary Kessler

Perfect size to throw in your purse or  for traveling. Since a little goes a long way - I find the bottle does last me 6 months, even a little longer. Good on sensitive skin like mine and very easy to manage.

Lisa Tilter

Very good product that assists well with healing! Worked best on my skin when my skin was damp (fresh out of the shower) and applied. Very smooth and easy to apply.

Angela Russella

TheraSCAR really does help with the appearance of scars.


After having my breast done I had scars I just didn't seem to take care of. Over time, I wished I took better care of my scars. With so many products out there I was unsure which route to take. A friend of mine recommended TheraSCAR to me after she purchased for her Tummy Tuck. Even after having my breasts done 10 years ago, my incisions started to reduce in redness and the overall appearance was wonderful! 🙂

Oliva J.

I was a little skeptical at first since I've tried so many other products within the past.... I've struggled for years with horrible acne scaring. I am so happy to find something that truly works, and makes me feel beautiful again.

Ashley F.

No longer need to worry about my embarrassing knee scars thanks to this good stuff!

Ida Young

I've tried so many products in the past, but nothing compares to the miracle job TheraSCAR provides 🙂

Haifa J

Giving TheraSCAR five stars! Extremely satisfied, highly recommended to others. Used as directed for 6 months and so happy my inpatient self did!


Love the consistency of the product along with the soothing sensation it provides when applying to skin.

Justina Claire

Amazing! I was a bit worried about being unhappy with the scarring right after surgery. Now I am thrilled at my outcome in just 5 weeks! Highly recommended!

Karin Stebbins

I believe the product overall works well. I am slowly noticing a difference in scar (color is diminishing). I will continue to use the product for 6 months total. Currently, I am 2 weeks post operation and so far extremely happy 🙂


Giving 5 stars to TheraSCAR! I am only 6 weeks post op from my surgery. Not only is my scar diminishing, TheraSCAR helped heal my incision.

Laura Davis

I had surgery before with another doctor and had more scarring. I highly recommend TheraSCAR to others. If used directed you will notice a significant difference.


Great for scars!!!


I am happy to find a product that helps with scarring!

Kristina Krzewinski

It seems to have helped my areas with healing. It is helping also with some of the areas that have raised scaring. I will continue to use it for 3 more months.


Very satisfied with the TheraSCAR. My scar is fading very fast.


TheraSCAR seems to be working well. Its light and easy to apply. I will continue to use it as directed.

Jennifer Hossen

TheraSCAR not only has helped my incision heal nicely, it's made me build back my confidence level 🙂

Lorin R.

Just purchased a case and so happy I did!

Valeria F.

I've ditched over the counter scar products and solely use this product now. I'm obsessed.

Kelis Younger

I recently burned my finger bad after setting off Fourth of July fireworks. Not only did TheraSCAR speed the healing process it soothed it as well.

Doris Williams

Even though I am still only 2½ months into my recovery from surgery I see a difference. Every time I use TheraSCAR I am extremely happy with my results.

Nancy El-Khechen

Super happy with my scar diminishing. No more harsh redness and puffy scar.

Annie E.

Awesome product with my favorite color, pink!

Riley Kain

It works great. I've used it before! 🙂

Sylvia Poplawski

I am very happy at the results thus far. It has only been 51 days!

Cheryl Rak

Great for Acne

I'm a clean freak with super sensitive skin. Virtually everything I used would make me break out. After the break outs I would pay so much for facials (that did not work) to remove the scars. After research finding TheraSCAR has been life changing not only for my skin but with fading my small acne scars.

Georgia Kordastino

Great Product

I work with skin care and patients daily. After using TheraSCAR on my own skin, I always direct patients to use TheraSCAR as a part of their daily skin care line. Super moisturizing.

Jessie Perk

I love TheraSCAR. I typically take a long time to heal, but my scars seem to be healing faster with TheraSCAR. I can't believe how fast I am healing.

Jennifer Luna

It really gave a soft comfortable healing to my scar.

Kat Focht

Love this product, plus they ship if you're out of state. SO helpful


I've been using TheraSCAR for 6 months and very satisfied with my results so far.


Happy with results. I will continue to use.


Scar is still visible, but is improving significantly. I would recommend to friends and family to purchase.


Highly recommend!


In comparing my TheraSCAR treated scars 1 month into treatment. Individuals who used nothing or another product for months, my scars are healing at a much more rapid rate. I highly recommend TheraSCAR.

Kristy Allen

purchased TheraSCAR for my daughter's acne scars and the results are beyond amazing

Kayla Yung

Give it time! I promise it works! Follow all the instructions on the bottle and you will be so happy you purchased!

Star Yande

Such a cute bottle, and works so well


I was a little concerned by the size of the bottle when I first received it. However, after reading reviews and speaking with Dr. Gray's staff - I was told a little bit goes a long way. The product is extremely concentrated, and they were right - a little does go a long way. I have a tummy tuck incision and this one ounce bottle has lasted me close to 4 months! From a financial stand point, that is wonderful. Not to mention the dark redness from my scar is almost gone. Such a wonderful product

Oliva Perry

Where do I begin... Between awful scars from weight loss surgery, to a breast lift and now a c-section scar. I was at a loss of what to use with my scars.. I was referred to TheraSCAR from a friend and former patient of Dr. Gray. Let's just say, I recently ordered my third bottle and can't wait to see the final outcome!

Lourie B.

Obsessed with this product! So happy with my results.

Penny Trombley

Very satisfied


Just purchased TheraSCAR two weeks ago and I've already noticed a huge difference in the coloring of my scar. Thank you!

Linda Payette

I ordered a case and use it as a lotion for my entire body. I swear this is how wonderful the product is!

Paulina Caldwell

The bottle size is perfect for travel (one ounce). Easy to apply and works great on all skin types. I'm very pleased so far.

Joe Kaiser

Love this so much! Been using for a year now and have zero regrets!

Cassidy Saunders

Wonderful product, great for face as well.

Yolanda Moore

My husband used product for face when he had an accident, and it is awesome!

Judy Evans

I have a few deep acne scars and they made me very self-conscious, so my doctor suggested that I use TheraSCAR. Now, I honestly don't even notice them most of the time. I am eternally grateful for this product!



I recently had a scar revision done and my plastic surgeon informed me it would still leave a scar but be smaller than my previous. After the removal I started to notice the scar forming and couldn't believe how horrible it appeared....I just don't heal well. My surgeon told me to apply TheraSCAR directly on the new incision and I should see results in two months. After the first 4 weeks of using TheraSCAR I saw amazing results. It has been 4 months since my surgery and my scar is barely noticeable. Many thanks TheraSCAR


Sandy Elkins

I was really looking for a way to make the scars look better, so I tried TheraSCAR. I applied it right when I got out of the shower so there was no dirt, no oil or anything to prevent the gel from actually penetrating and working on the scars. I used it for eight weeks and I saw great improvement. I highly recommend giving TheraSCAR a try.


T. Williams

TheraSCAR is a product I have been using and loving. I had surgery a few months ago and I have a scar due to that. Ever since I got the scar it just makes me feel like it's always noticeable. After only about three weeks, I started noticing that it was less visible. The reddish color of the scar started to diminish and look more like my natural skin color. I'm so, so excited! It made a huge difference. Highly recommended!


John S.

I've been using TheraSCAR for a scar from a recent surgery. I apply it on my skin every nightly. It goes on just like lotion or any other ointment that you may use. I am pretty satisfied with the difference in the color of my scar. It's definitely not completely faded away, which I didn't expect, but I totally have seen that it is lightening up. I plan to continue using this product and I would definitely recommend TheraSCAR.



I used TheraSCAR once a day and it smoothed the scars a lot. In eight weeks I saw a noticeable improvement and after three additional months I saw even more. It was just an amazing feeling because the scars were embarrassing. This product is AMAZING!! You can still faintly see them, but nothing compared to what they were. Would recommend it to anyone.


P. Barnes

I have an old scar on from a surgery I had way back when I was little. I hadn't really done anything for it over the years until I stumbled upon TheraSCAR...and now I've seen great results. Even though it was an older scar, after using TheraSCAR for three months or so, it went from something people noticed all the time to something you wouldn't notice much at all unless you were close to it. I was totally self-conscious about it for years, but it is nice to no longer have it be something people noticed right away. Thank you TheraSCAR 🙂


S. Kellar

I used TheraSCAR for my C-section incision. Part of the scar shows on my low cut bikini bottoms. Have been using TheraSCAR for a few months and now you can't even notice it when I go to the beach. It's awesome! Needed this years ago, recommend it to everyone.



OMG! Thank you TheraSCAR! 🙂


LaTanya S.

My 4-year-old daughter has eczema. After numerous failed attempts with several lotions and creams I heard about TheraSCAR. Desperate to help my daughter I gave it one last try with yet another recommendation. After only a few weeks of using TheraSCAR, the eczema was already looking much better. We are so incredibly pleased and thankful!


Holly T.

I am just so amazed with how well your product works! I started using TheraSCAR and the appearance of my scar from my recent surgery compared to how I have healed in the past I just had to tell everyone what an awesome product you have. TheraSCAR is definitely worth it. I cannot believe how much better this scar looks. I am so pleased with such amazing results. I cannot say enough good things about TheraSCAR, it's truly the best!



I recently had a breast lift and used TheraSCAR right after surgery and am so happy with how I am healing! All I can really say is TheraSCAR is highly recommeded to everyone having surgery!


N. Lockharrt

Love TheraSCAR. I had a severe burn on my right calf that left an awful scar. I had no hope of getting rid of it until someone recommended TheraSCAR. I tried it and was amazed. Within two months I could see a huge difference. A year later you could barely see where it was. I'm so happy I found TheraSCAR.


J. Kacir

I never thought a scar cream would work. My scar looked horrible. But I bought TheraSCAR and it worked great, even at 2 weeks. I will definitely recommend TheraSCAR to others.


Paul C.

After my facelift, because of how I normally heal, I began using TheraSCAR immediately and the scars are almost unnoticeable. I am a 61-year-old woman and this is the only face I will ever have. I send you my thanks for your amazing TheraSCAR product.


Iona L.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that TheraSCAR works amazing. I started using TheraSCAR right after my tummy tuck and breast lift and I could see the difference it made each week. When I look in the mirror it doesn't look like I had surgery only 3 weeks ago. Thank you for being an amazing product!!!!


Amy K.

I had surgery recently and I decided to try TheraSCAR. I am very pleased with the results. At a recent checkup, I met a woman who had the same surgery as mine. Her surgery was two weeks after mine and she had been using vitamin E for her scar. It was amazing to see the difference between the two. The results speak for itself... she said she was going to buy TheraSCAR after her appointment!!


G. S.

I used TheraSCAR right after surgery. This product is the best. I’m still using it but my scar is looking so good. I love it!



I have always had terrible acne. I was getting terrible acne all over my face and it was leaving terrible red scars. There was no makeup or cream that could cover it. That was until I started using TheraSCAR. My scars look so much better! Now I can confidently wear no makeup and not worry about people staring at my scars. Highly recommended 🙂


Justine Clemens

Best thing I have used for my eczema that is not a prescription. Thank you TheraSCAR!



After having my breasts lifted, I used TheraSCAR on my scars. I’ve only used it for four weeks, and I’m already impressed. Thank you, TheraSCAR!


T. Blaczyzck

I love TheraSCAR! Will recommend it to everyone having surgery.

Cherie T.

Cherie T.

Recently I had surgery and my husband thoughtfully bought me a bottle of TheraSCAR right after surgery. A few days later, I started using theTheraSCAR every morning and now the scar looks like a fine line . It is barely noticeable as a scar. I believe with continued use it will look even better. Grateful for this product, what a lifesaver. I was so worried about a scar and what people might think or say. No worries now, this is a GREAT product that really works.



I fell coming out of the pool and scraped my right leg really bad. I started using TheraSCAR and after a few weeks I could see improvement in the appearance of my scar. Thanks TheraSCAR!


H. Whitmoore

I think the product really works. I am going to continue using to see the full result.

Tiffany Nesbitt

Even though I forget at times to use as directed the results after 7 weeks are amazing. I am very satisfied.

Melissa Wohleven

Originally purchased for eczema scar on ankle. I used religiously two times a day for six weeks and the raised skin has definitely gone down. Still waiting to see if it will help with discoloration.

Brenda Vang

WOW!!! The improvement in the scars appearance is unbelievable. Can I buy a case of this??? Love TheraSCAR


Ainsley R.

Four months ago my daughter hit her head on an end table and received stitches in the center of her forehead. We have used TheraSCAR every single night since then, and the scar is barely noticeable!


Tracy Cooper

I had a facelift and used TheraSCAR for three months religiously. My results speak for themselves! My scar is barely noticeable after four months! I will use TheraSCAR if I ever have another surgery! I would never use anything but TheraSCAR!! God bless.


MaryAnne C.

I had a c-section, which left a horrible scar because of how my body heals. The scars bothered me because they were uncomfortable when my clothes rubbed against them. My friend recommendedTheraSCAR and it really is working! I've only used it for 1 1/2 months and you can see the improvement! Thank you,TheraSCAR!


T. Messina

I had surgery and used TheraSCAR directly on the incision and it is healing very well. I used TheraSCAR twice a day and my results so far are amazing. I have a couple of old scars and I will be using TheraSCAR on them as well. I am very happy with the results and would recommend TheraSCAR to anyone who needs it.



I had a tummy tuck and after applying TheraSCAR to the scar after 1 week of surgery I am truly loving it! It is an amazing product that helps with healing. Highly recommended.


M. Hopkins

My doctor recommended TheraSCAR for the scar from my surgery. It works wonderfully, very impressive.


P. Wozniak

I had surgery and went in search of a scar cream at my local pharmacy and saw several but I decided on TheraSCAR since it was highly recommended by my best friend Nicole. I used TheraSCAR three times a day especially after showers and it has now been about 9 months and I ‘m seeing drastic improvement in the appearance of my scar! I have recommended this product to all my friends and would strongly, without a doubt recommend this product to anybody else. It was worth the money and it wasn't even that expensive compared to other products that I saw for retail price.



It has been amazing in reducing the appearance of my scar. My surgeon recommended it following a procedure. I ran out, so ordered it directly from the office over the phone. I live out of town and they shipped it right to me, received it promptly with no hassle. Recommend TheraSCAR to everyone I know!!


Dana Zilinski

I have been using this product for about a few weeks and i love it !!! Thank you TheraSCAR.



Great product. On my second bottle of TheraSCAR...this has really helped with the scar from surgery. A little goes a long way.


Juliette C.

Wife uses for a breast lift surgery scar and swears by the results. From where I stand, it does a great job of healing and protecting. TheraSCAR is a great product to use after surgery.


Richard L.

Just had a few moles removed and this was awesome for the scars! Thank you



A family member had a surgical procedure and TheraSCAR was recommended at her return visit! We believe this product is making a difference in reducing the surgical scars! Woo hoo!!



Easy to use, doesnt' smell and helped the appearance of my scar. Highly recommended.

H. Villapando

I recently had breast surgery and this has been the best for my scars and have improved with time. I have used other products before but the most rapid changes have come from TheraSCAR.


M. Sisson

I recently had some plastic surgery done and this was recommended to me to use after the surgery. I've been using it for a while now and it's really helped with old scar reduction as well as keeping new scars in check. I'd recommend it to those seeking to reduce old scars or keep new ones from forming. You're only supposed to use a very little bit of the TheraSCAR at a time. One bottle of this has lasted me 6 months.


S. Novak

The cream is easy to apply. Easy to use and it helps heal scars. My doctor gave me a bottle after surgery and I've been hooked ever since. I wouldn't trust anything else for healing my scar. It works!! Thank you TheraSCAR and Doc


Victoria H.

Excellent price and excellent results. My Dr. suggested it and I'm glad for it.


G. D.

I love this product, my surgeon told me to use it. Bought the first one in his office before surgery. I'm happy with the results and since my surgery was 5 months ago the scars are showing less. You have to wait a little when you put on but a little goes a long way and use 2x a day and the scars are beautiful. Simply AMAZING TheaSCAR.


L. Bierlein

This product worked very well on healing a scar from surgery. The scar was very red and thick. Though still visible, I am pleased with how it looks now (thanks also to a GREAT surgeon).


Z. Kilpatrick

This is a great product. I've used it several times after an elective operation. A very good price and fast shipping. Will definitely buy it again!


Nina W.

This product actually does what it claims it does. In fact, this is the only product that heals my scars. Worth buying if you scar easily and don't heal well. Many thanks TheraSCAR



TheraSCAR has sure done a nice job on my scars, I totally recommend it.


Tammy Hall

Is working miracles on my tummy tuck scars!! TheraSCAR is magic.


Bernadette Burton

Amazing stuff! My son had a huge scar on his face after an accident. After using TheraSCAR for a year, you can't even see it!!!


Doug Breece

This product was recommended to me by a doctor to handle some pretty intense scars. I don't heal well. Overall - it seems to have helped reduce the appearance of my scars, very thankful.



Hi there, wanted to tell you I used TheraSCAR product after my tummy tuck and it does look nice compared to other who did not use this product directly after surgery. I've bought it twice and will continue to use it for sure!



This stuff really works! It goes a long way, especially if the area of the scar is not large. 🙂 Recommened over and over again.



TheraSCAR is absolutely the best product for reducing the size and color of scar tissue. Recommended by my doctor and really works. I use it twice/day--had surgery 6 months ago, and the results are remarkable! Much love to the entire staff



This is the 3rd bottle of TheraSCAR ordered & surgical scar has turned out beautifully. I highly recommend it for any type of scarring tissue that needs to heal. Had a tummy tuck procedure done 01/16 which now, almost a year later looks AMAZING!


Katie O.

This has been an effective product - well worth it. Recommended


Joe K.

ThreaSCAR is a great cream for lessening scar tissue. the sooner you use it the better, but even after months, a year, you can use it and get slow progress on softening, smoothing, thinning of scar. Very happy



I ordered this from your TheraScar website....Fast delivery. I'm still using the scar gel. It seems to be working. Thank you!



Great product so far! I have two larger surgery scars that are about 4 months old. I have been using TheraSCAR 2-3 times a day for 5 days and I can already tell a difference! Can't wait to see the results as I go!

Marlene G.

I recently had some elective cosmetic surgery (a tummy tuck). I was given some TheraSCAR by a friend to try and it has truly been the answer to my prayers!! My scars have been healing beautifully and this product is also very soothing. The difference I noticed after starting to use the TheraSCAR was remarkable. Gone are the red “angry” scars, and my skin is now returning to its normal tone with minimal scarring. It has only been three weeks but I love what this product has and continues to do for me!!! Thanks for a wonderful product.

Karlie G.

After an accident that resulted in a huge gash to my forehead I began using TheraSCAR as soon as my stitches were removed. I applied it faithfully 3-5 times a day for the first week and then after that, only twice a day. After 5 weeks, the potential scarring is mostly resolved but I will continue to use your product as recommended for up to 6 months if necessary. I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with TheraSCAR! I will be telling all my friends about this miracle in a bottle.

Lorna Sevan

Works Miracles....I just had to write to thank you for making TheraSCAR. I have psoriasis around my eyes and went to a dermatologist to get a prescription. She gave me some samples of a non-steroidal cream that helped a little, but not a lot. When I went to fill the prescription, I was not able to afford it. I was in for a consult and heard about this product and all the girls were telling me, it's not just for scars. I gave it a try. The very next morning, my skin was better than it had been for 2 months. I couldn't believe it! Whatever is in this cream, it works miracles and I can put it on as often as I need. Thank you , thank you, thank you!


For several years I have experienced severe eczema under my right forearm. After reading more testimonials and details about TheraSCAR, I tried it and was very pleased with the result. There was no discoloration like that of a steroid cream and after one application at night and one the next morning it was about 50% remedied. I was so impressed!

Maru P.

Great stuff! After a month of using TheraSCAR day and night, my scars are barely visible!!

Olita Brown

It is without hesitation that I recommend TheraSCAR for the treatment of skin lacerations and scars. After sustaining two lacerations to my face during a jogging accident, I was told by several medical professionals in the Emergency Room that my wounds were severe enough that I might ultimately need to explore laser treatment or even surgery to correct the damage. Fortunately, since I am a sales representative for a medical company, I had a chance to speak with two members of Dr. Gray's team while attending a medical expo. They noticed my injury and were kind enough to offer me a sample of the TheraSCAR product, which I began to use immediately. I applied the gel on a daily basis and began to notice results within two weeks. After 90 days of using TheraSCAR, my scars have faded dramatically and are almost unnoticeable. It is a relief to know that my scars have nearly healed without surgery or laser treatment. The gel is easy to apply and its effectiveness is outstanding. I am grateful for Dr. Gray and his team for their professional promotion of this great product!

Simi T.

I am really pleased with the results, thanks! I feel strongly that all patients coming out of a surgery, especially one that will produce a large scar, need to know the best products out there. Would recommend TheraSCAR over and over again.

Bambi Dotson

Love love love this product. It has tremendously improved my facelift scar. I will keep ordering it, thanks Doc


Shaquanda Davis


I recently had a tummy tuck at Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center. Your TheraSCAR product was highly recommended to me by both a fellow patient and Dr. Gray himself. I must congratulate you on the effectiveness of this product, as I am already seeing results on my hip-to-hip scar. Thank you

Kaylee Brewster

Just wanted to let you know that I continue to see results with TheraSCAR on my surgical scars!! They are softening and minimizing, it truly is a miracle preparation and I will continue to apply it twice a day, as I am so thrilled with the results... even the one that felt initially like a cord of string! Thanks so much for allowing me to experience this wonderful product! Best wishes, P.S. A little dab goes a long way, I have found. The pump bottle is lasting a long time!


I have been using TheraSCAR cream morning and night. My acne scars are starting to fade and I have noticed that my skin is starting to even out. Its surprisingly moisturizing too!

Michael Todd

I am a patient who has a history of developing thick scars in the past. As expected, I developed thick, red hypertrophic scars after a breast reduction. Laser treatments only brought minimal improvement. TheraSCAR was then tried with significant improvement in the appearance of those scars. When I recently underwent additional surgery, I did not hesitate to use TheraSCAR gel and to date the results have been just as impressive. Will use TheraSCAR from now on. Simply AMAZING

Star Traner

My scars are less and less purple and more flesh colored which makes them less noticeable. What else can I say, Thank You TheraSCAR.

Taquio Robinson

I had two bad keloid scars develop after having two moles removed. Just in the first few weeks of using TheraSCAR my scars are softer, less red and they are starting to shrink. Will keep you updated on my results.

Milly Thomas

Wanted to tell everyone, so far so good. I have seen great improvements, but the scar is only two months old, so i hope to see more. TheraSCAR is the best.



When I heard of TheraSCAR I was really interested in trying it! I was a big tomboy growing up, so needless to say I climbed one too many trees and have scars to prove it! I’ve been using this for about a month now, and so far I have noticed my old scar is no longer as raised and looks lighter in color, I can tell the cream is definitely working and am excited to see how much more it will fade with time.

Kalina Russ

Wish bottle could be bigger! The product is wonderful.

Tracy Franko

Been using TheraSCAR for 2 years. My scars look much better.

Trish K.

Amazing product. Recommended and gifted to a friend who had used Mederma for years. It did more in 2 months than Mederma in 7 years! My scar looks great at 3 months post operation! Very Satisfied!

Amy Dressler

I started using TheraSCAR shortly after my breast surgery and I am very impressed with the results. As a nurse, I see a lot of post-surgical scars. Due to having previous surgery in the same location, I was concerned with the final appearance of my scars. I tanned shortly after my surgery, which increased the darkness of my scars. When I started using TheraSCAR I really enjoyed the silky texture. I had noticeable changes within days. My husband even commented on how good the incisions looked! I continued to massage the lotion into my scars twice a day and this helped my scars become soft and flexible. The darkness has faded, the redness is non-existent and the scars are becoming unnoticeable! I have even started using it on other scars throughout my body and have noticed immediate changes. The other day, I caught my husband secretly using it. He calls it the miracle cream! I couldn’t be happier!


I am currently using TheraSCAR for the breastlift I had with Dr. Gray 2 weeks ago. This treatment makes wonders. Grateful to Dr. Gray and his team for making this cream! Ordered my 2nd one about 6 days ago. Anticipating its arrival :))


It is another investment in your skin that is worth every penny! Thank you TheraSCAR

Mary Mickiluc

I used TheraSCAR after undergoing an arm and thigh tuck. I applied it religiously 2x's a day (Used 3 bottles, but I had a lot of area to cover). It has been nine months since my surgery, and my scars are nearly imperceptible. I highly recommend using TheraSCAR.

Elizabeth Short

I have had a great experience using TheraSCAR. I was a slow healer so I didn’t get the maximum effect right away. I continued using your product and am seeing some significant improvement. One feature of TheraSCAR I appreciate is its emollient property, gives a silky feel and is very moisturizing. Thank you and I definitely will be ordering again!

Rosemary D.

I love TheraSCAR!! I had my annual checkup with my primary care doctor this week. He has not seen my breast reconstruction scars in a year… and could not believe how great they looked and said rather than looking like a major surgery scar… it really only looks like a “scratch”!! I gave away my secret 🙂 Go TheraSCAR!!!!

Nicolette W.

I have been using TheraSCAR for 3 weeks and I can’t believe what a difference I notice. My c-section scar is only 5 months old, it is red and raised. Since I started using TheraSCAR, I have noticed reduced swelling and significantly reduced redness. Happy day! TheraSCAR is so silky and soft to the touch, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and the redness seems to disappear. I am hooked!

Mirella Dragus

A little over 3 years ago, I underwent 2 laparoscopic procedures that left me with several small round-shaped scars. Unfortunately, I have olive skin and thus, I am apparently more prone to hyperpigmentation. As a result, the area around the scars turned a very deep red. Admittedly, I tried everything: creams, lotions, silicone strips, laser treatments. It has now been approximately 10 days since I have been using TheraSCAR. I have to say that I am very impressed. The results have been unlike any other product. TheraSCAR has been the first and only product that I have used that is not only strong enough to deliver the results it promises, but it does so with no side effects. What more could one ask for?

Tiara Godson

After dealing with acne for years I was left with dark spots on my chin. I heard about TheraSCAR from a friend and decided to try it. It was amazing!! After just a few days I noticed my spots were fading. TheraSCAR is a great product. Not only does it work wonders, it feels great on my skin. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to improve their scars.

Laurie Morris

I'm only two weeks out of surgery and feel TheraSCAR has made a huge difference in the healing of my scars.

Kim Thomas

I really like the smooth texture and how hydrating it is. It seems to be doing a great job on my scar.

Lisa Greathead

8 Weeks Post Operation

Results 8 weeks post operation from a Mastopexy (breast lift) using TheraSCAR twice daily.


I am using TheraSCAR to treat a mole I had removed. I went to a dermatologist and he left a huge scar on my upper arm. People are constantly asking me what happened, and it had gotten highly annoying. I can already see that it’s starting to fade, and less people have been asking me about it! 5 stars from me, many thanks.

Lucas D.

Recently I scraped my foot on the dog fence and had a big ugly scar. I also had several on my legs from shaving and old childhood injuries. Within a week, I have noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of my scars, which I had been so self conscious of. With continued use of TheraSCAR I am sure they will continue to fade. Thank you for the product, I love TheraSCAR

Iona R.

I am generally a skeptic when it comes to scar creams, but I have been very impressed by the results achieved by using TheraSCAR. The formulation is light and easy to apply. I have used this product on myself, recommended it to co-workers and have given it to family members. All with great results, I highly recommend TheraSCAR!

Paulina Ragkiv

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing product. It’s composed of all the things I appreciate that are scientifically proven to be effective while remaining free of those components that cause problems. TheraSCAR is excellent given it’s soft, smooth, silky texture that blends into the skin surface without greasy residue. I am impressed on how quickly my scars lost their visible redness and textural irregularities, as well as any persistent itching or discomfort. In my opinion TheraSCAR is the best scar management product that I have ever used. It’s a fantastic value that I would suggest to anyone having a surgical procedure.

Nathalie Wright

I have just recently started using TheraSCAR for the treatment of my scars and I am truly excited and overwhelmed by the amazing results that have come about in only two weeks. Results so good I had to share. Can't wait to see what it will look like in 2 more weeks!


There has been more improvement in the appearance (of my scar) in one month than there has been in the previous two years. I have used another brand before – it did nothing. TheraSCAR has definitely made a dramatic improvement. More than enough evidence for me to continue using it!

Rema C.

I’d just like to thank Dr. Gray for all his efforts in creating such wonderful product. I have had eczema for years and it has been nothing but hell for me, especially on my self-esteem. What’s worse is that I have sensitive skin. Thankfully a friend gave me their leftover bottle of TheraSCAR and it made a HUGE difference. I am placing my third order of TheraSCAR shortly, worth every penny. Keep up the good work and great efforts doctor.

Kesha N.

Worth it!

I just wanted to give you a massive thumbs up, thanks for making my scars heal so well!

Dalia Inarila

Using TheraSCAR on a burn, I'm very satisfied with this product. After 1 week it's no longer red and puffy. So glad my wife had this stuff in her purse.


I thought I would give you a testimonial on TheraSCAR. I have only been using it for little more than a week and what an improvement! It took away the dry scaly residue from my tummy tuck incision and softened the skin and a lot of the red has faded. Really works great.

Alessandra Peoples

I decided to try using TheraSCAR on some bumps that I have on the back of my arms. It's been amazing! My skin is so soft, and the bumps are almost completely gone. Highly recommended for something other than scars.

Collette C.

As a user of TheraSCAR I have found that this treatment is by far the best of 'many' lotions/creams that I have tried on a facial surgical scar. The redness has been reduced considerably, the scar tissue has softened and the scar is now of a more flatter appearance. It was just through a simple web search that I came across your site which of course has paid great dividends - Thanks!
Best Regards

Nicole Martin

In April I had a face-lift. Prior to my surgery a friend of mine and your patient told me about your product TheraSCAR that she used after her breast lift. I have being used it for about 9 months. I see a huge difference on the color of the skin, the thickness and the textures of the scars. Our scars look wonderful, only a thin line where the incisions were. TheraSCAR made for me, an enormous difference.

Claudia Romaro

Following a mastopexy (breast lift), I started using TheraSCAR 1 week post-op as advised by my doctor. I was astonished that after using the product, the scars healed quickly and the redness diminished. In the following weeks, I was able to observe that the scars lessened with an improvement and more apparent around the nipples. I am very satisfied with TheraSCAR and I plan to continue the treatment.

Pauline Harris

Last summer, my son had a bicycle accident that brought him to the hospital and left him with two permanent scars, one on the right cheek and one under his chin! A few months later, a friend told me about the efficiency of TheraSCAR. At the beginning, I was a little sceptical, but I thought that I had nothing to lose so I tried it. Right after we starting using it, the scars started to fade and decreased as the weeks passed. Thank you, TheraSCAR for your amazing product.

Larry P.

I had a revision done only three days ago for a previous surgery. The surgery was done to correct my breast implants. My surgeon also wanted to fix the scars under my breasts since they didn’t look good (I don't heal well). They were wide due to hypertrophic scarring. He also strongly recommended I use TheraSCAR. I ordered it prior to my surgery so I could start using it as soon as I got the ok to do so. I am already very satisfied with your product. Healing very nicely.... Thank you!

Kimberly Jax

TheraSCAR is so amazing I wanted to tell everyone! I completely recommend for scar treatment. It works so fast! I started to see improvement in just one week.

Rose Brown

Acne Before and After

Pictures do not do TheraSCAR justice. The improvement in my acne from February 8th around 6 pm until February 10th 9 am. Not even two days..

I am beyond happy with this extra bonus. I just used the extra on my finger from applying to my stomach scars.

Orange Shirt was 2-8 - Black Shirt 2-10

Lora O.

Started to notice a difference in 3 days. As I continued to use the TheraSCAR it impressed me more. I wish it came in larger bottle to use regularly. Easy to apply and doesn't smell. Thank you!!!


After my daughters last surgery she still had a very noticeable scar about 2 inches long on her stomach. So I ordered this TheraSCAR product. After 3 weeks I have noticed a difference in the scar, now it's not gone, but there is a difference and she is so happy. I will continue to apply this cream twice a day to help her feel better about herself. I would recommend this cream to others.

Peg Y.

Have already ordered a second TheraSCAR!!

Grace G.

I love it! I wished I would have had this prior to buying all the biocorenum, bio-oil or vitamin e or any of the strips! I would have saved a lot of money.. Start using it right after surgery, so make sure to order it before.


TheraSCAR is a great product that I will continue to use.

Terry Karner

I have only been using this for 3 weeks but my scars look phenomenal. I started TheraSCAR 3 weeks post op. A little goes a LONG way and, I already paid for surgery so a little more is worth it for me. You only need a very thin layer, and that if it does not dry within five minutes, you've used too much! Not sure how it would work on old scars, but works great on new ones.


M. Sutter

My plastic surgeon recommend TheraSCAR so I have been using it 2x a day for about 6 months. It has drastically reduced the scars appearance, the thickness of the scar and uneven color. I had another scar that was still thick and red from 8 years ago. This time I will not be left with an unsightly scar !



I heard about this product in a cosmetic surgery blog I read. After researching about TheraSCAR more I found nothing but good reviews on it. What I didn't see were any reviews on anyone using it on darker skin. I'm of West Indian decent with olive skin. I had a tummy tuck in December 2016 and was given the ok to start using a scar treatment 1 week post operation. TheraSCAR was the only treatment I've tried on my scar and it has dramatically lighted in color (my scar was very dark). It's supposed to be applied twice daily but I have been using it once a day. I will start doing it the recommended 2x daily. A little goes a long way. I also use it on an older scar from August 2016 (breast lift), and it seems to have slightly lightened the scar. Thankful for this product.


E. Hoffman

I have been very satisfied with the results I have had with the use of this product called TheraSCAR. I broken my nose 6 months ago and had a large laceration under my eye. I've been using the cream since on the scar and it has healed well. Many people don't even notice. One happy customer



This is a great product. I have seen first hand what my wife's scar looked like after surgery and now, I am amazed that the scar has faded significantly to a slight visual. It has been about 3 months since the surgery. Highly recommend the product and well worth the price! Thank you TheraSCAR.


Ann Gora

Applied twice a day as directed and had good results, less visible scares after surgery. Was recommended by my Dr. -TheraSCAR is well worth it-



TheraSCAR helped with my healing process after my breast augmentation/mastopexy tremendously. Scars felt less irritated and breast felt moisturized throughout the day.

A. H-M.

My son has used the TheraSCAR product to treat a facial scar from a hockey cut / injury. We were please to see his scar fade. TheraSCAR works well and we will continue to use it in the future if needed. Thank you.


TheraSCAR is really easy to use. You don't need a lot ad it takes the redness away pretty quickly.

Audrey James

The product seems to be working well. My scar is healing very well, and the scar is slowly fading. I do only apply once a day.


6 weeks post operation

It's a great product to help aid healing and reduce redness/scarring. Product is non greasy and dries quickly.

Bobbie Carroll

I started using TheraSCAR 1 week post-op appointment on my Tummy Tuck scar. Still using it at 6 months. It works wonders. I used it 2xs a day until 8 weeks and then 1x a day.


Here is my son's hand before and after 5 days of applying TheraSCAR. The eczema is almost completely gone. We have been dealing with this for 5 years so the TheraSCAR is a life saver. We apply once a night before bed. Thank you, Dr. Michael Gray


I had a surgical procedure done January 6, and have been using TheraSCAR on my incisions. My plastic surgeon kept complimenting how amazing my scars are healing only 12 days post operation with TheraSCAR. My follow-up is March 2nd. I can't wait to see what he will say next time.

Kelly B.

Purchased two bottles of TheraSCAR back in August. I've only been using it once daily since purchased, and have been noticing results. I know if used twice daily the results would be more rapid... However, applying once a day right out of the shower has been working and making me happy.

Gina Wrona

It's not often that I endorse a product or unless I've PERSONALLY experience it! This product is amazing, I know as that is my wrist in the photo!
TheraSCAR should be a staple product in every household! Does much more than healing scars!
Call 248-538-3333 get yours TODAY!!

Angel M. Tedesco

The scars on my breast look awesome in a short time by using the TheraSCAR. Works extremely well! Love it, so does my daughter on her stretch marks.

Cristy Cox

Really helps with the healing process and less scarring.

Giovanni Ligotino

Happy with product

Jennifer Hawk

Used on abdomen scar, and it was wonderful.


I loved the product. I used TheraSCAR for an abdominalplasty incision. My daughter also used the product for her severe acne. The product worked well reducing the inflammation of the acne. I will be purchasing another bottle in the future.

Alicia German

I had surgery on my neck due to Thyroid issues. I purchased TheraSCAR to the incision and the product really worked.


Great results. This product worked better than anticipated. Cleared the problem areas up.


Fabulous product. Still have one bottle left over. I have purchased this product for other people as well.

Rosie Racine

Love everything about this product.

Paula Lang

Amazing results!

Veronica L.

Been using on my old scar from an accident and Tummy Tuck scar... I'm very pleased with results

Tammy U.

Size of the bottle is convenient to carry everywhere. Works as a good moisturizer.

Claudia J.

Really like the product so far. Can't wait to see final results!

Aubrey W.

Great service! Love everything about TheraSCAR and the girls who work for TheraSCAR. Thank you, so much. You guys are amazing!

Irma H.

TheraSCAR has worked wonderfully to minimize my tummy tuck suture line. It has faded to a faint line in just 7 months.

Kelly Howard

I was able to see my scar healing and getting lighter within 4 weeks of using TheraSCAR. I really like how it keeps my scar hydated.

Sylvia Taylor

I like it

So far I like TheraSCAR. I am not done using it yet, but so far so good.


Still new to using it. Waiting to see results, seems effective so far.


Great on Eczema.


Great! Scar lightened right up.


Applied well, a little went a long way and performed the way expected. Didn't have a bad smell would use again.


After the first surgery I didn't use it right away or as often as recommended. Now with using it after my second surgery as recommended I can see a huge difference.


Its been really good in removing the scar. The scar fades more and more everyday.


I have noticed the scars are getting lighter at a rapid rate. Highly recommended.


Amazing product. Look at photos

Audrey Gonzakez

Happy with product

I thought this product worked great!

Tarina Ba.

Been using once a day and slowly noticing results!

Amy G

5 Stars

I have been putting on old scars and I think its helping them along with my surgery incisions! Very happy.

Angie G.

I am 12 weeks now, and plan on continued usage for 6 months 🙂

Tracy M.


Used as directed, highly recommended

Dominique C.

Love it

Love it! Wish there was more in the container 🙂

Jennifer C.

Great Product

Great product! I noticed results right away.

H. Little

Love it

I'm 7 weeks post operation and love it!

Sherry D.

3 months Post Op

Have been using for 3 months post operation. Will continue for 6 months to see final result.

Kanika P.

Problem Solver

My scars are healing very well. I'm using on face too. Working great at reducing my large pores and healing damaged skin.


I would buy a million!

I love it!


Easy to use!

10 weeks post operation and I love my results.


I purchased TheraSCAR one week ago, and can't wait to see the maximum results.

Kelly B

Worth every penny

I love the look and feel of clean skin. After my biking accident, I was so depressed knowing I would have a scar on my knee. I was introduced to TheraSCAR by a friend and I’m so happy. I have fair skin, so my scars are extremely noticeable. Within the first 6 weeks I’ve noticed the redness subside and the scar thinning. Awesome product! Can’t wait to see the final results.

Trisha Johnson

Good for everyone

Been using the product for my Tummy Tuck scar. My results have been so wonderful my sister is using the product for her breast reduction, and loving her results as well.

Tiffany R.

Just want to say Thank You!

5 Stars!

Maha S.

It’s the best!

Purchased TheraSCAR after my surgery. I am now three weeks post operation and am loving my results.



2 months post operation and the product is great.

Shaundra M.

6 weeks post operation

It's only been 6 weeks for me using TheraSCAR, and so the product is excellent. I plan on using the bottle for the recommended 6 months.

Jayme G.

Affordable & Worth it

I definitely am seeing results already (after 2 months) - very worthwhile.

Deborah B.

Great Product!

S. Johnson

Smoother Scars

I've never had to use a scar product before. Being this is the only product I've used, it has significantly helped smooth my scar and reduce the appearance.


Amazing Results

Used it for three months and loving my results!

L. Edwards

It’s the best!

Excellent in removing redness. Absolutely would recommend!


I love this product

If TheraSCAR needed a spokesperson, it would be me. I can't emphasize enough how amazing this product is. I started using it for my scar on my wrist, and was so excited to see the final result. I would wake up running to the bathroom to see what the next day was going to bring. I'm 3 years post operation from surgery and speak volumes of this product.

Jennifer A.

Finally, something that works

I've had developed Psoriasis later in life. It was so embarrassing I would at times avoid dating. I finally met someone special and was getting married. Although, I was so excited to start a new chapter in my life, I couldn't seem to close my current one: Psoriasis. I was introduced to TheraSCAR by a friend. She used it in her daily skincare routine. I have super sensitive skin, so naturally I was skeptical at first. The bottle is so girly and cute. Pink and White. How could I pass it up? When applying to my Psoriasis, I couldn't believe how SMOOTH it was! It was so refreshing, and left zero residue. After 3 months of applying twice a day my Psoriasis cleared up significantly. I was able to wear the wedding dress of my dreams and take photos confidently without having to cover up the red scaly patches. If you're considering purchasing, take it from me. It's worth all the thought and consideration!

Macey Turner

Huge Results

After my breast augmentation I had an allergic reaction to the tape on my incisions. I knew I had to keep my incisions covered, but was so lost what to use. TheraSCAR is wonderful because it absorbs into the skin immediately. The cooling sensation it gave my incision was so relieving. The best part about it is it was healing my incision right away! Within 4 weeks, applied twice daily people asked if I had my breast done. I'm 6 months post operation now. People think I'm lying when I tell them there is an incision under my breast. They have to stand basically on top of me to then say, "my goodness its almost invisible!". Two Thumbs Up, TheraSCAR.

Kelly L.

Miracle Worker

I have Dermatillomania (skin picking disorder). Although it has been a life-long battle I'm so happy to have found a product that helps erase "bad memories" as I like to call them. The scars on my legs from 10 years ago have softened. I look how clear my skin is getting, and I want to cry tears of joy. I've never been so happy. I've only been applying TheraSCAR to my legs. Next will be my arms. I' m so excited to enjoy my TheraSCAR journey. I'm forever grateful, and feel beautiful again.



My son burned himself while cooking. I had used TheraSCAR on myself after a surgical procedure and decided my son should consider giving it a try. Although it was a mild burn, I still wanted to see what the outcome would be. Not only did his burn heal super quick, you can't even see it! The best part, he brings it everywhere. Finally, my kids and I agree on something 🙂

Brittany S.

Noticeable Difference

Like most people, I hate having to do "one more thing" while getting ready. However, adding this into your daily routine is so worth it. It's almost vital! Be patient, and you will be so happy you purchased this. My childhood scar has decreased. I no longer have to hear, "what happened to your arm?" from my peers. I can wear a strapless dress or short sleeve shirt confidently and that's the best feeling thanks to TheraSCAR.

Chandra G.

Highly Recommended

I had a Tummy Tuck procedure 1 year ago, and have been using TheraSCAR for the past 8 weeks. I stress the importance of the dates because they say scar products are to be used immediately after surgery. I felt so hopeless. Nothing was working for my incision scar, but this product can be applied to any scar without a time limit. Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR product has been a blessing in disguise. My Tummy Tuck scar’s pigmentation is almost my natural skin color, the bumpiness of the scar has gone down and my skin feels so smooth. I can finally look forward to wearing a bikini this summer! Thank you, TheraSCAR!   Annie E

Anne E.

A Must Try

I love this product! The consistency is amazing. It's super easy to apply, and a small amount goes the longest way. The pump on the bottle gives me the perfect amount to apply to my entire face. I have acne scars, and couldn't afford expensive laser treatments. I've been using this product twice a day for the last three months and I can finally look at myself in the mirror and feel beautiful. No more spots, just a nice glowy complexion!


Two Thumbs Up

Getting my breast lift was a big decision. Trying to find something to help with the scars post operation was a big decision as well. TheraSCAR has helped me significantly. My scars are smoother, less noticeable and only getting better.


Amazing product!!

I had a tummy tuck two weeks ago and I started using this product after my first week post op. Within a day I saw results on my scar. It was smaller, less red, and healing better. This stuff is amazing! I am confident that in time my scar will look better with use.

Melissa Mclachlin

I used this product on my patch of psoriasis and within a week it was gone.

Rose Martin

I thought the only way to improve my scar was with surgery or some other expensive treatment. I was wrong. If you do what the instructions say you can see the improvement you can create. Thanks Dr. Gray TheraSCAR Scar Therapy.                                                                                                                     MK




I have been using TheraSCAR for over a year now. In the first few months I saw a amazing improvement in the look and appearance of my scar and my skin. I also applied the product to my face and noticed that my skin would glow and my wrinkles are less. People were asking me what I was using. Amazing product Dr. Gray!!                                                                                                                            B Synder

I used TheraSCAR immediately after my surgery applying the product twice a day for the last few months. I love what it has done for me. My scar has faded and is almost invisible at this point.


I have only used this product for a few weeks and have noticed my scar from my Tummy Tuck is fading already. It does not dry my skin.                                                                                                 Kari S


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